Be proud of your work and your company…

Why ? Because you can never aspire to be the best if you dont take pride in your work and are not proud of the place where you work. Taking pride in our work and company enhances our feel good attitude, motivates us, and believe it or not, separates us from most who have nothing but caustic things to say about their work and/or place of work.

I will ask bluntly…”If you really are not proud of your work and company, why the heck are you still there ?!”

If your answer is “I haven’t found a job/place yet”… trust me, your attitude will show and you will be shown the door sooner or later anyway. If, on the other hand, you ARE proud of what you do AND you talk well of your company, it shows too…!

So start behaving and acting like a winner, like you OWN the company. Without ownership, you can accomplish little anywhere. If people talk down their job or the company, ask why they feel that way. Challenge the fact as if someone spoke down about your best friend or a family member. You will be initially looked as odd or a very few eccentric ones, but soon they will realize. DECIDE that if there is one person who must be the biggest fan of the company, it is YOU. If you aren’t, find a place where you want to be.

What I preach takes guts. And it is only those few with a gut and a undying passion that finally decides the winners and next generation leaders from the also rans… Who would you rather be ?